Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures from UT trip

I have been dragging my heals with this blog thing, but I have to admit that this will be much easier to keep in touch with all my wonderful family and friends. So, where to start over the last several months?!? To make a very long story short, Ryan and I are in the process of leaving our home in Baltimore and moving to Manhattan. Ask anyone who knew me from age 8-22 and it was always a dream of mine to live in Manhattan. Now that it's coming down to's harder than I thought to leave Baltimore and all the awesome friends we've made, my job, our house, etc. But it's finally happening this week. Ryan started a Master's of Commercial Real Estate program at NYU at the beginning of September and I was finishing up my job in Baltimore and of course needed to squeeze in a quick visit with the family in Utah before actually making the move. What could be better than a nailbiter of a game today against UNLV. I thought we had this one in the bag before we got started, but UNLV's offense proved really tough (that coupled with the fact that our defense couldn't do anything). We got lucky that we were able to score a TD and make a 2 point coversion on our last drive, leaving UNLV 90 seconds to score. We intercepted the final pass in the endzone and came away with the win although it was just a little too close for comfort. But a win is a win...go Cougs!

My dad and I also took a quick 2 day trip to Moab and Arches. It was awesome. We rented mountain bikes and road an intense trail known as Slick Rock. There were some inclines that were like 70 degrees; some of which I had to walk up as there was no way I could get up them. Some of the guys who were doing this were amazing; I don't know how they got up the climbs they did. It was sweet though; awesome views and just great to be in the outdoors. We did some hikes through Arches including the famous Delicate Arch which was pretty cool in person. I'm excited to start training for some triathalons...or maybe I'll start small and just do the biathalons until I can learn how to swim. Any advice?? It's back to NYC on Tuesday to start my new jobs, new experiences, new friends, new opportunities. Our leather couch is always open and we have a nice queen air mattress so if anyone is in the area (we're in the upper east side) and needs a place to stay please do! (or you're at least obligated to call)...